Happy Ending to Veteran’s Lost Ring Story!

It’s been just a few weeks since Veterans Commemoratives was contacted by the store manager of a Habitat For Humanity store in Davenport, Iowa regarding a Military Service Ring that was found in the store parking lot. The efforts of that store manager, in conjunction with Veterans Commemoratives, social media, and local media stations have succeeded in bringing this story to a happy ending.


It was over ten years ago when a Veterans Commemoratives  customer, a 27 year Air Force Veteran, ordered a military ring to mark and honor his service. He was planning to someday leave the ring to one of his grandchildren, but was devastated when he lost the ring shortly after receiving it. Eleven years later the ring was found in the store parking lot by a Good Samaritan and brought to the Habitat for Humanity store manager, who determined that it was created by Veterans Commemoratives.


Veterans Commemoratives maintains purchase records for all of its customers, and we were able to identify the ring’s owner. Thereafter, a reporter from the local TV station contacted the owner, to reconfirm his address .The store manager then contacted the gentleman to arrange the return of his ring to him.


Now that the ring is being reunited with its owner, he will not only have a wonderful story to tell about the lost ring, but will be able to wear it with pride for years to come – and someday hand it down as a family heirloom to his grandchild.


Veterans Commemoratives is proud to have participated in this effort to find and return this important ring to its owner. We will continue our mission, started in 1981, to honor veterans, and in this case play a part in this special Happy Reunion.

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