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U.S. Army Career Service Rings

Handcrafted in America Featuring Your Service and Career Emblems

We proudly honor your service to Country with our Official United States Army Career Rings. The sides of the ring feature finely sculpted Army Service Emblems. In addition, your choice of Career / Division Emblem may be chosen to further personalize your ring.

Your ring will be cast in your choice of Sterling Silver plated with 24K Gold (Vermeil), or solid Sterling Silver. Solid 10K Gold ring available at extra cost. A solid, 10kt gold Service Emblem is mounted atop an Onyx Gemstone, surrounded by the words "UNITED STATES ARMY" in bold, high relief lettering.

As a final touch of exclusivity, the inside band, which is solid and smooth for maximum comfort, is engraved with your initials and years of service.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or return your ring for replacement or refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

So, order yours today! You have earned the right to wear this ring.