Battleship New Jersey Commemorative Plaque


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Battleship New Jersey Commemorative Plaque

Featuring a Piece of Original Decking From the Largest U.S. Battleship Ever Built

On December 7, 1942, one year after Pearl Harbor, the USS New Jersey (BB-62) was launched from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, beginning a historic career spanning nearly 50 years and earning nineteen Battle Stars (nine in WWII, four in Korea, three in Vietnam, one in Lebanon and two in the Gulf War Mission.)

Experience the Battleship New Jersey

America's most decorated Battleship is now a Museum and Memorial on the Delaware riverfront in Camden, NJ, and is open for tours and overnight encampments. The "BB-62" experience puts you in the moment. Sit in the chair from which Admiral William "Bull" Halsey commanded the fleet during the largest naval battle in history; Leyte Gulf. Climb into the 16" gun turret and learn how during battle the projectiles were loaded and fired every 30 seconds by a gunnery crew of 77 men! Stretch out on the bunks where the sailors slept. Each step in your journey brings you closer to understanding what life was like on the Battleship New Jersey.

Owning a Piece of Military History

For 2012 a major initiative is to raise funds to replace the wood decking on the ship. To commemorate this effort, a unique plaque has been created featuring an actual piece of original decking, an action photo of the ship’s guns firing and a serially numbered brass nameplate. This unique piece of Military History will be treasured by those who acquire one for their family.